Saturday, June 11, 2011

Epistemological Conundrum

I am in the middle of a two year graduate program at ECUAD, the programs includes a 12 credit summer internship. For my summer internship, I am teaching a directed studies class in the aboriginal gathering place (AGP).

The AGP is attached the the north campus of ECUAD and is a place for Aboriginal students find a sense of community on campus. This project was my idea, though it could not have happened without the work of the aboriginal coordinator Brenda Crabtree. I have three students on this project;



and James.

The only parameters I had for this project was that it had to fit it the AGP and it had to have something to do with education. Fitting it into the AGP was easy enough, I just made the pole 9'.

It took me a while to come up with an idea, mostly because I have mixed feelings about the history of aboriginal peoples education in Canada. Never the less I have an idea that satisfies both my scepticism and enthusiasm, its called Epistemological Conundrum and its an interior house post.

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  1. Hey Luke,

    Wow, the project looks great.
    I appreciate knowing what you're working on.